Sleep Better !!! 

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Some of the common ones are to eat healthier, lose weight and start exercising. How about sleeping better and improving your sleeping quarters?

The stressors of today’s lifestyle can wreak havoc on our health and on our amount of sleep. Reducing stress and finding ways to unplug can help, and improving our sleeping arrangement can help us go to sleep and stay asleep! Exercise and diet play a big part in our overall health too and these are all common resolutions for the New Year.

Here are some ideas on how improve your lifestyle and make 2018 the best year ever!

Change your diet! There are many new diet plans available to follow for your New Year’s resolutions, but all have the same goal – healthier choices and weight loss.

  • Eat breakfast every day –  Cosee recommends including a good source of protein like eggs, yogurt or cheese. Skipping breakfast can cause weight issues and increasing protein in the breakfast meal readies our bodies blood sugar levels for a healthier diet.
  • Drink water – Staying hydrated is a good way to improve metabolism and at the same time decrease our hunger pains. It also helps with digestion. Its recommended an ounce of water per pound of body weight per day.
  • Eat in moderation – Don’t stuff yourself and try to cut your portions. Take a break from eating and chew each bite 15-30 times to slow yourself down and help digestion.
  • And don’t eat late at night – Eating before sleeping can pack on the pounds so try to cut yourself off from the fridge after dinner.

Make sure to Exercise! Exercise is a huge factor in our overall health. Try something new and make it work for you! Here are some ideas:

  • Walk, walk, walk – Walking is one of the best regular exercise habits and is not hard on our bodies. Finding a time and place to commit to 30 minutes of walking for health and mindset each day has countless benefits and is a great way to start an exercise routine.
  • Get off the couch – Even standing up can help burn calories more than down time. Being active in itself can help us become healthier and motivate us to move even more!
  • Join a gym – Just making the commitment to a gym membership (and the payments) will motivate some of us to go work out. Some places offer a free personal session to get us started in a routine for the New Year.

Improve your sleep! One of the healthiest resolutions you can make is to improve your rest and sleeping arrangement. Experts have linked lack of sleep to serious health issues like obesity, diabetes and heart disease! Most people need eight hours per night for optimum health and proper sleep can improve mood, thinking, memory, immunity and even help with our weight management!

Here are some tips on improving your sleep cycle:

  • Set a sleep routine – Go to bed and get up in the morning at the same time each day. This can be challenging but keeps your body’s sleep cycle in a rhythm.
  • Tune out from technology – Disconnect from your phone, computer, TV…any technology when going to sleep. Make your rest the priority and avoid technological distractions.
  • Change your bedding and pillow – COSEE SleepGear offers many sleeping and health benefits and is an excellent start to improve your sleep patterns.

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