Ever been tired of refreshing the Facebook page as it is like the 7th time already? Or crawling under the blanket, trying all sleep positions to find a sleep solution? Sleep disturbances have affected almost all of us sometime or other. To deal with this, a study was conducted which shows how meditation can help you land in your dream zone faster.

Reasons why meditation and sleep are always said to correlate:

  • The relaxation response is said to calm your mind faster
  • A great way to tap energy source
  • It is always a great experience after meditation and sleep
  • Highly effective for reduced metabolism which in turn brings you to a calm state faster
  • Improved response to dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Both are the perfect way to control depression
  • Helps you experience an enhanced sensory perception
  • Meditation enhances brainwaves that facilitate sleep

When talking of good sleep, the quality of sleep matters more than the quantity in terms of hours.  Meditation is guaranteed to ease you into restfulness. Although it can take some time to master it is the perfect sleep aid. It lowers the heart rate and encourages slow breathing thereby developing the prospect towards a quality sleep.

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